Sydney: Speaking 12 May at 11:00

DSCN2901For the next two weeks I'll be on a quick tour of Australia and New Zealand, with stops in Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland and Wellington.  (You can track my movements in the little widget at right, if you scroll down a bit.).  Unfortunately I have only one public event booked,  which is in Sydney.  It's an 11 AM event on Tuesday 12 May at the University of Sydney's Institute for Transport and Logistic Studies at their new home in the CBD.  

The topic?  "Yes, You Can Erase Your Bus Network and Design a New One. Lessons from Houston, Auckland, and other cities."  Should be fun, and if we're lucky,  it might even be "controversial"!

 Details here. When you are absolutely sure you're coming, you can RSVP by clicking here.  (Please only do this once, and only when you're sure you're attending.)

The RSVP system seems likely to produce some false RSVPs, so if the system tells you the event is full, I suggest showing up anyway.

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  1. Luis Gutierrez May 12, 2015 at 4:48 pm #

    Hi Jarrett,
    Will there be a video/recording of your talk accessible from ITLS’s (or any of the other venues’) website?

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