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Jarrett Walker + Associates is a 14-person consulting firm that is internationally known for excellence in public transit planning. We are based in Portland, Oregon and Arlington, Virginia, with plans for a European presence starting in 2023.

We are seeking a senior public transit planner and project manager. This person will lead interesting and consequential projects, help attract new business, and potentially develop a public profile as a leader on transit issues. This person may become part of our senior management team and will have many opportunities to guide the firm’s direction.

If you are passionate about the power of public transit to improve communities; want to be part of shaping our growing firm’s culture and strategy; and are looking to challenge yourself professionally by managing important and complex projects, we would like to meet you.

In our 10 years as a firm, we have led many major bus network redesigns. We also do long range transit plans, transit cartography, training, and provide a range of professional and policy advice. We are open to expanding into adjacent fields within the larger frame of public transit, depending on the skills and interests of the person we hire. This is a great opportunity to take a leading role in a unique and innovative firm at a time when it’s growing and changing.

This job requires prior experience managing public transit planning projects. This could include management of projects in service and network planning; scheduling and operations; paratransit and demand-response planning; corridor planning; cartography and wayfinding; and transit finance.

We would prefer to hire someone either based in or willing to relocate to Portland, Oregon. However, we can be open to other locations (especially Arlington, Virginia) for the right person.

This listing will be open until at least July 11, 2022. We will be reviewing applications as we receive them. You can expect an initial response to your application within two weeks.

If you have any questions about this position and whether you should apply, please write to [email protected]; we will endeavor to respond within 3 business days.

About us

Jarrett Walker & Associates was founded based on Jarrett Walker’s 25 years of experience in transit network planning, and the techniques and approaches outlined in his book Human Transit. In brief, our approach to planning seeks to:

  • Begin with the values and priorities of each community.
  • Highlight the realities of the actual rider experience.
  • Show how geography and service impact the experience of marginalized communities, and identify ways to improve equity in service.
  • Bring to light the real trade-offs required to improve service in the context of how transit actually works.
  • Design legible networks that are easy to understand, and efficient to operate.
  • Foster clear conversations with the public and policy makers, leading to confident decisions.

Our experience shows that the most effective plans spring from a conversation among many different perspectives. As such, we encourage and seek diversity in our workforce. We enthusiastically welcome all applicants regardless of race, economic background, ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or physical ability.

About the job

We are looking for a project manager and transit planner. This role includes:

  • Being the client’s primary point of contact on assigned projects.
  • Directing the work of teams including our staff and subcontractors.
  • Making decisions about how to approach each project’s work within the context of the agreed scope, budget, and timeline.
  • Coming up with creative solutions to problems in transit planning and communications.
  • Facilitating workshops and training sessions with clients, project stakeholders, elected officials and community advocates.
  • Preparing clear and attractive reports and presentations.
  • Networking with potential clients and following business development leads.
  • Responding to RFPs and building teams with partner firms.

We work throughout North America and sometimes overseas, so travel may be a major part of the job. As public health conditions allow, you should be prepared to travel on a regular basis, up to 5 days per month on average.

Salary compensation (based on 40 hours/week) may range from $70,000 per year for a candidate meeting minimum requirements, up to $140,000 per year for a seasoned professional who brings an extensive network of prior clients and connections.

Our benefits program includes:

  • Gold-level medical and dental insurance.
  • Disability insurance (short- and long-term).
  • A 401(k) program with employer contributions.
  • Paid medical leave, accrued at a rate of 1 hour per 30 hours worked, or about 8.5 days per year.
  • Paid time off starting at 19 days per year, with one additional day per year for each year of service. Paid time off includes both vacation time and holidays, but there are no restrictions on when it can be taken.
  • Very flexible work hours. Our staff work anywhere from 30 to 40 hours a week depending on their needs, and are compensated accordingly.
  • Flexible work location. New staff work in our office with us during a training period, but we offer flexibility on the specific days and times involved.
  • Employer-paid transit passes for Portland staff.

Qualifications needed

We expect that the successful candidate will have all of the following:

  • At least five years of relevant professional experience in transit planning or an adjacent field. This could be in service planning and analysis; corridor planning; transit scheduling; demand-response planning; paratransit planning; transit agency management; transit finance; or transit policy. Related fields that may also be applicable include urban design, development planning, bike/ped planning, and other forms of transportation planning, but you would need to demonstrate (a) expertise that we can market to transit agency clients, (b) commitment to transit planning as a primary career goal.
  • At least 1 year of experience managing projects, either in consulting or government agencies. Consideration will also be provided for management of complex non-profit and advocacy efforts.
  • Excellence at writing and conceiving visualizations for a non-technical audience.
  • Excellence in public speaking, including situations where you must answer unexpected questions and objections.
  • Experience in communicating to a wide variety of audiences, including people of many different backgrounds.
  • Evidence of independent and creative problem-solving.
  • Full fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Legal authorization to work in the United States.

The following are also desirable:

  • Availability to be based in Portland, Oregon.
  • Fluency in a language other than English, especially Spanish.
  • Experience and success mentoring junior staff.
  • Evidence of ability to attract clients through your own skills and experience.
  • Familiarity with transit service and market analysis techniques.
  • Experience facilitating group decision processes, including of staff, stakeholders, and/or formal boards, councils and committees.
  • Experience in teaching or training.
  • Experience with business management tasks.
  • Familiarity with our firm’s approaches to transit, combined with a readiness to engage critically with these ideas and help us sharpen and/or evolve them. If you have not encountered Jarrett’s work before, we suggest reading at least the introduction to his book Human Transit and some of the articles in the “Basics” section of his blog humantransit.org.

How to Apply

Please email your application, including the items listed below as attachments or links, to [email protected]. Please use the subject line: “(your name) – Senior/Principal Application.”

  • A cover letter describing how your experience and skills match the requirements and preferences listed above. Please state also where you are available to work.
  • A resume describing your relevant experience.
  • Up to three samples of work you’ve done that show your ability to explain a complex issue to a broad audience and/or the depth of your expertise in public transit planning. These samples may come from your personal, academic or professional experience, and may have been produced while paid or unpaid.
    • At least one sample must be a piece of writing, such as a professional report, an executive summary, an academic paper, a blog post, or an advocacy document. If it’s a long document, the introduction or executive summary will do. If it is a document written collaboratively, please select a section that was primarily your writing, or submit text that you drafted even if it was later revised.
    • Other samples may be of any form, including maps, graphics, process diagrams, presentations, video, audio etc.

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