Video of my Winnipeg Presentation

Last month I was in Winnipeg to provide some advice on the city’s next steps in developing transit.  The event included a well-attended evening lecture, whose video is here.  I start talking around 7:10, talk for about 40 minutes, and then take lots of good questions.

I do these a lot, but each one gets a little better.

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  1. MB June 19, 2017 at 6:46 pm #

    Sorry to again be critical, Jarrett.

    But your presentation does not adapt to the local environment of Winnipeg or Canada in general.

    You continue to tell cities that they must choose between ridership or coverage, while ignoring the great equality most Canadian cities have in transit planning, by having good minimum service and coverage guidelines. These guidelines ensure an attractive, minimum transit service is available to everyone, while seeing higher service levels on main corridors.

    Due to these guidelines, you do not see the troubles the USA has with people being cut off from jobs, education, and other services. You do not see transit being used only by the poor, because transit serves everyone, etc. You do not see middle class people saying they don’t want to pay for transit, because they don’t get any in their neighborhood.

    You still have failed to say why the Canadian way of ensuring a good, minimum level of service to all is a bad idea, and why this should be scrapped for your ridership verses coverage idea. Or why transit agencies should not be funded properly, to allow both ridership and coverage.

    Canadian cities have vastly higher ridership levels than American and Australian cities. So clearly ridership is not suffering. In fact it makes sense a city that provides high quality transit service to everyone is going to have better ridership.

    It also seems very counterintuitive to tell cities they should actually make transit worse in certain neighborhoods, because those neighborhoods do not match some planning ideology for optimal density and land use patterns.
    Again, the great ridership results of Canadian cities, comes by the fact that all areas get pretty good transit, regardless of their density levels or built form.

    There is a reason Winnipeg has almost double the transit usage rates of Portland and other American cities. And it is partly because everyone can rely on the system, regardless of where they live in Winnipeg.

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