how we kick off a planning study: video

We don't always kick off planning studies with a public event,  but that's what we did for the Wake County Transit Investment Strategy in Raleigh, North Carolina.  At a kickoff meeting attended by hundreds of people, I gave a presentation on how we'd approach the project, which is mostly how my firm approaches any planning project.  While there are some local references, it's easy to follow no matter where you live, because it's mostly about the big-picture.  Some time-stamps:

  • 0:30 Remarks and kind introductions from County Manager Jim Hartmann and Capital Area MPO Executive Director Chris Lukasina.
  • 5:18 Beginning of my remarks: "This plan will be yours."  Our firm's approach to transit studies.
  • 7:53 The New Case for Transit:  Why the conversation about transit is changing, in the US and overseas.
  • 21:52.  Common Mistakes About Transit.  
  • 26:14 "Plumber's Questions."  The Ridership Recipe and the Ridership-Coverage Tradeoff.
  • 43:27  End of my remarks.  Richard Adams of Kimley Horn speaks on local conditions in Wake County.  From here on, through the Q&A, the conversation becomes more locally focused.


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