brisbane: remarkable aerial photos of flood has posted a complete layer of aerial images of Brisbane, take on the 13th when the flood was near its peak.  Here's Milton, featuring the flooded Suncorp Stadium near the top of the image. 

Milton flood nearmap

Panning just to the southeast, here's a bit of South Brisbane. 

West end flood nearmap

There's quite a bit of transit news in this image.  The bridge in the upper right is the Victoria Bridge, which normally carries buses in exclusive lanes between the CBD (off to the upper right) and the entrance to the South East Busway, which is just west of the railroad tracks.  Just at the west end of the bridge you can make out a pair of of platforms, which are Cultural Centre station.  The street is flooded just west of that station, so it's clear that at the height of the flood the bridge, the station, and this part of the busway were all out of service. 

The building immedately north of the bridge is the Queensland Art Gallery, the main art museum, which fortunately had time to move its collection to upper floors.  South of the bridge you can see the floodwaters invading the Southbank entertainment precinct. 

This next image is further east.  It has the CBD on the west edge, then Kangaroo Point with the Story Bridge, then New Farm in the image's eastern half:

 new farm flood

Near the center of the image you can see what looks like a piece of white string in the water, just off the northern shore.  That's the remains of the Riverwalk's floating segment.  Pieces north and south are now missing.'s excellent images can be explored just as you'd explore Google Maps, and their images of Australia are consistently sharper than Google's.  If you're in Brisbane, and don't want to be reviled as a "rubbernecker" visiting the flooded areas and getting in the way, explore the flood on Nearmap instead.  If you're not in Brisbane, well, be glad of the fact.

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