tucson: a frequent network map

Just back from a great trip to Tucson, at the invitation of ten local organizations, including the transit agency, all put together by the University of Arizona's Drachman Institute.  (Thanks to everyone I worked with there, including everyone in the crowd of 200+ who turned out on a Friday night to talk transit with me.  I had a great time.)

For reasons that I first explained here, I always encourage transit agencies to map their frequent network — the network of services coming every 15 minutes or better all day.  Since there wasn't one for Tucson, I asked our graphics expert PJ Houser to draw one, which I also shared at several of my events.  

This map is important!  It shows where transit is useful to people in a hurry, people who don't have time to wait long.  It's also usually the backbone on which future expansion will be built, and a logical focal point for location choices, and thus development, for people and organizations that want or need to rely on transit.  The network includes several major bus lines as well as the soon-to-open streetcar.  It also shows the promising beginnings of a high-frequency grid.

So here it is!  For a sharper one: Download Tucson Frequent Network

Tucson Frequent Network