If You Like Intellectual Travel-Writing on Cities …

If you like intellectual travel-writing on cities, you might enjoy some of the work that I do on the personal blog, Creature of the Shade.  Most posts there are on either cities or nature, and sometimes both.  My pieces on cities tend to dwell on architecture and urban form, and usually track unstructured long walks (what Baudelaire called flânerie) across the city in question.  Posting there is much more intermittent than here, so if you like it you’ll probably want to put it on a reader.

In 2009 I did fairly satisfying pieces on Berlin and Paris, and a short mood-piece on the Netherlands (which can be understood as one city, the Randstad, and its rural hinterland).  There are decent 2008 pieces on Delhi and Visakhapatnam in India.  And while I find it impossible to write as a traveler about cities I live in, a small piece on Sydney happened while the place was still new to me.  The 2006 Montréal post is not bad.

Happy New Year, everyone.  Back to transit topics tomorrow.

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