The High Cost of Free Parking: The Movie

My New Zealand colleagues Julie Ann Genter and Stuart Donovan have built a great practice doing research on transport and land use policy issues for national and local government.  They are both especially strong on parking policy.  They’ve put together a little video explaining the problems with hidden parking subsidies in an urban context, also featuring Auckland University’s Tim Hazeldine.

The video is based on Donald Shoup’s definitive book, The High Cost of Free Parking.  It obviously talks mostly about Auckland, but the issues it presents are the same in almost any New World city.

Julie Anne Genter also has a paper on the topic here.

Thanks to Joshua Arbury of the Auckland Transport Blog for reminding me about this.

One Response to The High Cost of Free Parking: The Movie

  1. Adam Parast January 13, 2010 at 1:54 pm #

    I did my senior project on this topic! Its funny how into parking one can get.