job: Ridership Data Technician in Baltimore

Here's an opportunity perfect for someone who is interested in transit data and monitoring. 

Via Baltimore MTA, the region's transit agency:

If you or someone you know likes data collection and analysis on a large scale and wants to put those skills to use in public transit, then there’s a new opportunity in the MTA’s Office of Service Development – The Ridership Data Technician (or RDT).

Full details and to apply:

MTA’s use of Automated Passenger Counters (APCs) continues to grow. We are just really getting started and are looking for an innovative and tech- and data-savvy person to join our team to take our APC program to the next level – allowing better planning, analysis, scheduling, and reporting for stakeholders inside and outside the agency.

If you’re interested, apply using the link above. Or, feel free to forward to someone you know that might be a good fit.

It sounds like a great position for someone who is familiar with APCs and current methods, and who has ideas about exciting new places to take this type of data. If that's you, or someone you know, it could be worth a look!

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