Job! Admin/Marketing Assistant for Our Firm


Jarrett Walker + Associates is a small consulting firm that specializes in public transit planning.  Our clients are mostly local and state government agencies but can also include corporations, nonprofits, and other entities.  We have a staff of 14 in two locations.

We are looking for an Administrative and Marketing Assistant in our headquarters in Portland, Oregon.  The job requires one year of relevant work experience and has the potential to grow substantially in responsibility and compensation.

The successful applicant will need to be comfortable with some informality in dress and work hours, but also be highly organized and professional.

Starting pay in the range of $18-30/hour, depending on skills and experience.  (We pay this as a salary, calculated from actual hours worked.) You would work at least 30 hours/week.  Our generous benefits program, which would fully cover you, includes “Gold” medical and dental, disability, paid vacation, medical leave, 401k (after one year) and a free transit pass.

The job description includes:

  • Implementing administrative procedures for a small consulting firm, in consultation with senior staff.
  • Doing some clerical tasks with patience and attention to detail.
  • Helping us maintain and improve our marketing tools and materials, including but not limited to past project descriptions, the firm’ website, Jarrett Walker’s blog and others.
  • Helping us prepare proposals (bids).
  • Helping us find and track opportunities to submit proposals.
  • Supporting the Business Manager in tasks related to billing.
  • Managing basic needs to keep the office running smoothly and allow colleagues to focus on their work for clients.
  • Occasionally managing contractors involved in physical office improvements or maintenance.

An interest in urban planning and transit is helpful but not essential. This is primarily an administration and marketing position with the potential to grow into a Marketing Manager role.

The job requires:

  • At least 1 year of prior work experience that demonstrates some of the skills listed below – ideally in administrative support, communications, or marketing support.
  • Complete fluency in spoken and written English, including the ability to write clearly and accurately with a friendly but professional tone.
  • Ability to communicate professionally by email, web, and phone.
  • Ability to do detailed and sometimes tedious tasks with low error rate.
  • Resourcefulness in solving a range of problems.
  • Comfort with very open and frank communication within the organization. We work hard to avoid developing “office politics.”
  • Proficiency in MS Word and Excel.
  • Some experience working in Adobe Creative Suite, ideally Photoshop and InDesign, or similar document preparation and graphics tools.
  • Willingness to “pitch in” and help with whatever needs to be done at the moment.
  • Full vaccination against Covid-19, or evidence of being in a group that cannot be vaccinated.

The following are highly advantageous:

  • Prior experience preparing or submitting proposals or bids.
  • Website management and/or social media advertising and promotion experience.
  • Professional writing and editing.

To apply

The initial review of resumes will use a race-blind and gender-blind hiring process.  To this end, we do not yet want to know your name, gender, or race.

So please:

  • Edit your resume to remove your name and all indications of race and gender. If quoting people referring to you, please black out pronouns or replace them with they/their/them.
  • If you have important qualifications that strongly imply your gender or race, such as a role in a Black or women’s organization, these are valid and should not be omitted just to satisfy this requirement.
  • Provide an email address and phone number as your only contact information.
  • Provide a cover letter, also unsigned and not referring to your race or gender, explaining your qualifications. We will treat this as an example of your writing.

Based on these submissions we will select finalists, who will go through a more conventional process of interviews and reference checks.  We will want to know your name only at that point.

Please submit your resume and cover letter to [email protected] by September 16.  You can also send questions to that address, but please put “question” in the subject line.

If shortlisted for an interview, you will be asked to provide names and telephone contact information for three references. References can be anyone you have worked with closely, and who can tell stories that show you have the necessary skills and style, including former employers, coaches, volunteer coordinators, professors, colleagues, etc.

Thank you for your interest in this position.




We’re Hiring in Portland!

Once again, our firm has an opening for a transit analyst in our Portland office.  We require strong analytic and cartography skills, but interest and in transit planning is also valuable.  So this can be a great place to start a transit career, especially if you like our work or my approach to transit planning.

See the listing here!  Deadline is November 1.  Please spread the word!


Job: Come Work for us! Transit Analyst Position. Apply before Nov 15!

You get to draw cool visualizations, and invent new ones!

Our firm has a fulltime opening for a transit analyst.  (Also, watch this space for a senior planner and project manager position to be posted soon!)

Here are the details:

Jarrett Walker and Associates is a consulting firm that helps communities think about public transit planning issues, especially the design and redesign of bus networks. The firm was initially built around Jarrett Walker’s book Human Transit and his 25 years of experience in the field. Today, our professional staff of nine leads planning projects across North America, with an overseas practice including Europe, Russia, and Australia / New Zealand.

You can learn about us at our website ( and at Jarrett’s blog ( For a sense of our basic approach to transit planning, see the introduction to Jarrett’s book Human Transit, which is available online. For a typical report of ours, showing some of the analysis we do, see here.

We are seeking a transit analyst based in Portland, Oregon, or Arlington (Crystal City), Virginia.  The position offers the potential to grow a career in transit planning. As a small firm, we can promote staff in response to skill and achievement, without waiting for a more senior position to become vacant.  Everyone pitches in at many different levels, and there are many opportunities to learn on the job.

Duties include a wide range of data analysis and mapping tasks associated with public transit planning.

Required Skills and Experience

For this position, the following are requirements. Please respond only if you offer all of the following:

  • At least two years of professional experience using the skills listed in this section, OR formal training in these skills (such as at a college or university). Directly-applicable coursework is valuable but not essential.
  • Fluency in spoken English and proficiency at writing in English. In particular, an ability to explain analytic ideas clearly.
  • Understanding of basic statistics and experience with analysis and visualization of quantitative and statistical information.
  • Experience in spatial data analysis (GIS).
  • Experience working in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Experience in cartography, evidenced in at least one mapping sample that is clear, accurate, and visually appealing.
  • Availability to start full-time work in Portland or Arlington on before the first week of January, 2019, at least 32 hours per week.
  • Legal ability to work in the US.

Other Desired Skills and Experience

The following are desirable but not essential.  Candidates with the required skills listed above but none or few of these desired skills are still encouraged to apply.

If you have any of the following skills, please describe them in your application

  • Experience with public transit issues.
  • Experience using analysis programming languages (such as R).
  • Experience with qGIS, Remix or InDesign software.
  • Experience in advanced database analysis. (Postgres/PostGIS, MySQL, etc)
  • Expertise with transit-focused routing software, such as OpenTripPlanner.
  • Experience describing issues from multiple points of view, including the perspectives of different types of people, and different professions.
  • Graduate degree in urban planning, transportation, or a related field.
  • Foreign language ability. Spanish is especially useful but other language skills are valued as well.
  • Experience working with minority and disadvantaged communities.
  • Experience managing small teams.
  • Experience and comfort in public speaking.

Compensation, Benefits and Place of Work

Compensation will depend on skills, but will start in the range of $25-32/hour depending on skills and experience.  Raises of over 10% in the first year are typical for excellent work.  Our benefits program includes medical, dental, and disability insurance; a 401(k) program; subsidized transit passes; paid sick leave; and paid time off.

This position will require working out of either our Portland, Oregon, office or our Arlington, Virginia, office. JWA does allow employees to set work schedules that include working from home or other locations.  This position requires travel, to work with clients directly, at least a few times per year.

How to Apply

To apply, please send the following materials to [email protected] .

  • 1-page cover letter, explaining your interest in the position.
  • 1- or 2-page resume, describing your relevant experience and skills.
  • Links or electronic files for up to three (3) samples of your work. If possible, please include a map, a piece of writing, and a demonstration ofa spatial analysis. (A single sample may satisfy more than one of these requests.)
  • Contact information for 1 to 3 references who can attest to your experience with the skills listed above.
  • Please do not include any information about your prior compensation.

We will be redacting from your materials any explicit information about your name, race, gender, or sex.

Diversity and Inclusion

JWA follows an equal opportunity employment policy and employs personnel without regard to race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, and marital status.

This policy also applies to management of staff with regards to internal promotions, training, opportunities for advancement, and terminations. It also applies to our interactions with outside vendors, subcontractors and the general public. 


The deadline for applying is 11:00 pm Pacific Standard Time on Thursday, November 15th. Submitting earlier is advantageous as we will review applications as we receive them.

We will ask a select group of applicants to perform a simple analysis and mapmaking test on their own, and then to join us for an interview. The test will be assigned on November 20 and due on November 27. We wish to hold interviews (in person or by phone/web) on November 29 or 30.

Thank you for reviewing this listing. Please share it with others you know who might be interested. We look forward to hearing from you.


Job in the Sun: Senior Planner / Scheduler for Palm Beach County Transit

Just got home from a great trip to Palm Beach County, Florida, where I sampled the famous walkability of West Palm Beach (and Palm Beach) and had a series of workshops and public events with PalmTran, the local transit agency.

PalmTran is at that point where it needs strong planning leadership.  They will have Senior Planner / Scheduler position open in May.  This job needs someone with a track record of finding efficiency in schedules and routes, managing difficult data sources, thinking geometrically about network structure, and leading a planning team.  $90,ooo/year.

Palm Beach County is the geographically largest county in the eastern US, with an interesting mix of vibrant coastal cities, barrier island cities, typical postwar suburbia, and rural Everglades communities.  Many of its key cities are serious about walkable urbanism — West Palm Beach is the most famous, but many others are making the effort.

If you’re interested, please watch the website at and email an application to [email protected]

New Opportunity for Experienced Transit Planners

JWlogoSquareOur firm is busier than it has ever been, and we need to grow quickly to keep up with our demand.  So I want to hear from transit planning professionals who’d like to be a part of it.  If you’re not familiar with our firm, you can read about it here.

This is not a specific job listing with a specific deadline.  Instead, it’s a general notice of interest, which will lead to one or more hires whenever we find the right match and can make a deal that both of us are excited about.

Are you a working transit planner (in consulting or public sector) who’d like a more exciting and adventurous job where your advancement depends entirely on your own skills, creativity, and initiative?  Would you like the chance to grow a strong public profile?   Read on if you:

  •  have a track record of successful project management.  This can be either in consulting or the public sector.
  • have over 2 years of marketable transport planning and/or policy experience.  Direct  network planning experience is ideal but adjacent experience (e.g. transport policy, wayfinding, multimodal planning, corridor studies) can be workable if you are strong on other factors.  In any case, the key word is marketable.  Your resume, as it stands now, must make you interesting to clients as a key part of a consulting team, and also show us you’re ready to handle a diversity of transit planning situations.
  • know a bit about our work and reputation, and are generally supportive of our approaches to things.  Reading a bit of my book, or this blog (try the Basics category), or one of our recent reports (like this one),  will tell you if that’s you.
  • are willing to locate (at least temporarily) in Portland, Oregon.  If you are (or want to be) elsewhere in the US, we are open to deals where you come to Portland for some intensive time, make yourself indispensable, then set up an office on your home turf, but this sets a higher bar for your qualifications.  Our strong preference is to have you here, with us, exchanging ideas and influence in that casual way that only comes from seeing each other.  It must be legal for you to work in the US without major hassles for us apart from a letter of sponsorship.  (This is easy for Canadian urban planners but we haven’t researched other countries.)
  • … can show strong experience with synthetic thinking.  Synthetic means putting things together.  It’s the opposite of analytic, which means taking things apart.  Analysis skills are important too, but you thrive in situations where there are several criteria of success that can’t be converted into a single measure, so you need to come up with ideas that solve several problems at once.  You also enjoy leading others through this kind of thinking, encouraging them to contribute solutions while keeping them on task.
  • … are good at explaining and engaging.  You’re good at public speaking and other interactive events, or think you could grow into that.  Perhaps you aspire to do some of what I do, building a national and international reputation as an explainer, not just a technical expert.
  • … can handle travel, much of it interesting.  We are a national and international practice.  Mostly our clients are all over North America, but we also have strong relationships in New Zealand and Australia, and are currently working in Russia and Iceland.  I travel about 1/3 of the time (and that’s my limit).  The more senior you are with us, and the more you want to grow into a role like mine, the more likely it is that you would too.

It is an especially exciting time to join our firm, because we’re growing from a very small base, and that means two key things.  (1)  You will have a lot of influence on the firm’s next few decisions (I consult heavily with staff and love to delegate) and (2) you will have the opportunity to work on lot of different things.

Compensation and benefits?  For the right person, we will make the right deal based on your experience and salary history.  If you are used to a government job, moving to consulting is almost always a step down in benefits, but often a step up in challenge and opportunity for advancement. If you’re already in consulting, we will be more likely to match your salary and benefit history, at least after 3-6 months.  We prefer to hire a little low and then give steep raises in the first year; raises of over 20% in one year have been common for excellent staff.

Deadline?  As soon as possible, but if this post is still here, it means I’m still interested in hearing from you, because we may make decisions at any time, and we may hire one or several people.

Obviously, we do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or any other trait that would not be relevant to your success, and we encourage applications from across all of those dimensions of diversity.

If you think this is you, and you’re interested, send me a resume, cover letter, and some samples of your best work (reports, images, audio, video) using the little envelope icon in the menu bar above.  If you think this might be you, but you have questions, use the same email.

Thanks for reading!  Please spread the word!

Job: Transit planning manager in Las Vegas

We had a great time this last winter working with the planning staff at Las Vegas's transit agency RTC.  Las Vegas may not be your idea of a transit city, but many parts of the network are fantastically busy, and it's a time of great transformations including (a) the emergence of frequency branding, (b) the Maryland Parkway corridor project, serving the university and airport, and (c) a major study about the future of transit on the Las Vegas strip, already a fantastically bus (and profitable) bus corridor.  

They have a manager of transit planning position open!  Have a look.

job: Ridership Data Technician in Baltimore

Here's an opportunity perfect for someone who is interested in transit data and monitoring. 

Via Baltimore MTA, the region's transit agency:

If you or someone you know likes data collection and analysis on a large scale and wants to put those skills to use in public transit, then there’s a new opportunity in the MTA’s Office of Service Development – The Ridership Data Technician (or RDT).

Full details and to apply:

MTA’s use of Automated Passenger Counters (APCs) continues to grow. We are just really getting started and are looking for an innovative and tech- and data-savvy person to join our team to take our APC program to the next level – allowing better planning, analysis, scheduling, and reporting for stakeholders inside and outside the agency.

If you’re interested, apply using the link above. Or, feel free to forward to someone you know that might be a good fit.

It sounds like a great position for someone who is familiar with APCs and current methods, and who has ideas about exciting new places to take this type of data. If that's you, or someone you know, it could be worth a look!