Gig: Graphics for My Updated Book

I am looking for a freelancer who is good at drawing simple explanatory diagrams about public transit concepts.  I need these diagrams for two uses: in our firm’s reports and also in the new edition of my book Human Transit.  This would be work for hire and our firm would retain the copyright on the images, though of course you could use your work as samples.  You would get illustrator credit in the book.

The images need to be greyscale, not in color, and suitable for print as well as web use.  I anticipate needing about 20 images, with the work ideally done mostly in February and early March 2023.

Location?  I would prefer that you be in North America, South America, Europe or Africa for reasons of time zones.  It will be harder for me to collaborate with someone in Asia or Australia/NZ.  If you are in the US, UK, or Eurozone it will be easy for us to pay you. Wherever you are, we will pay you in one of those three currencies and paying you needs to not involve a lot of hassle for us.

We already have a library of images but I think some of them could be clearer and/or more attractive, though clarity must never be sacrificed to attractiveness.  Images must always contain their own explanations, because a report or book must make sense to people who only scan the section titles and look at the pictures.

Here is a graphic that I feel pretty good about, explaining the concept of access:


This one, on the ridership-coverage tradeoff, also works well for us, although the blue is too faint.

(For more on this topic see here.)

Could these be sexier, more like “what an architect would draw”?  Sure, I’d love to see examples of that, but remember, the book will be black-and-white, although I may later ask for color work for other reports of ours.

To apply.  Hit the email button (it’s on the black bar above, and looks like an envelope.)  Please put “Graphics job” in the subject line.  Give me:

  • a resume/CV
  • some samples of work you’ve done that’s similar to what I’m describing.
  • An hourly rate.  In addition, please tell me: If I’d hired you to do the above images from scratch, given the basic idea, how many hours would you have spent?

I will look at submittals as I get them. I’d really like to get this person on-board well before February 1, so if interested, submit now. Please share!






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