Our fun short course in network design comes to Tampa June 1-2

Course in NYC 2014On June 1 and 2 in Tampa, Florida, I'll be teaching another session of our popular Interactive Course in Transit Network Design.  It's part of the Community Transportation Association of America conference, but you can attend the course without attending the conference.  

The price is $750 if you or your organization doesn't belong to CTAA, $650 if you do.  Yes, this is higher than we charge when we teach it directly, but at this stage we don't have another direct offering until October in Portland.

We designed this course to fill a gap in the training of most planning professionals.  Few graduate programs teach public transit "from the inside," building an understanding of its unique opportunities and limitations through the experience of actually working with the tool.  Still fewer hire teachers who are both seasoned practitioners and skilled in relating public transit to larger narratives that motivate people.  If you care about public transit as part of your future city, invite your favorite land use planner to take this course!   They'll come out much savvier about how to recognize development proposals that truly work with public transit, as distinct from those that are just paying lip-service in order to "paint development green."  

Register here.  Select "2-Day Intensive Training" and "Transit Network Design."  You can also use this paper form:   Download Expo2015regform-9


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