Should I come to SXSW?

If you’re not a techie, SXSW is South by Southwest, one of the leading summits of the tech “disruptors,” held every year in sxswAustin.

A proposed panel on New Mobility and the Future of Design would include:

  • Gabe Klein, Founder of CityFi and former director of the Depts. of Transportation in Washington DC and Chicago.
  • Jeff Wood, who runs the fine urban news outlet The Overhead Wire.
  • Ben Holland, Sr Associate at Rocky Mountain Institute.
  • … and me!

By the standards of tech conferences, this panel would be heavy on people with experience in transit agencies and government, which could be help counterbalance some of the prevailing instincts in the tech industry.

Anyway, there’s a place you can vote for this panel.  It requires a login, which many of my tech-savvy readers already have.  Feel free to state your view.

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