Happy Holidays, and a Parable

Below is our firm’s self-consciously cheesy holiday card, and below that my mellow personal one.  (If you didn’t get one, it’s probably because I don’t have your email address, which you can rectify by hitting the little envelope symbol on the bar above.)

Plus, on the personal blog, there’s a cool parable about squirrels.

Happy holidays to all.  We’ll be quiet here until January.




One Response to Happy Holidays, and a Parable

  1. Ruediger Herold December 28, 2018 at 11:24 am #

    OT or not OT – that is the question… 😉

    Squirrels… 🙂

    1. I simply love to spot a squirrel unexpectedly and will stop walking or cycling and watch it as long as I can.
    2. However, what I’m talking about are really cute European red squirrels, not their grey American cousins.
    3. As I have learned (mostly wikipedia, I must confess) ‘native’ European red squirrels are endangered by ‘invader’ American grey squirrels – because the newcomers (which are also, of course, less cute) are twice as big and so eat four times as much (or so) of the same food.
    4. But also on the internet, it says that in some areas red squirrels are likely to survive, it’s where they have a hard time collecting enough but it’s even harder for those with the more greedy consuming pattern.
    5. To get through the winter, squirrels ‘store’ i.e. ‘hide’ nuts (or whatever) underground. But somethimes a squirrel forgets a hiding storage place so a new nut-bush will blossom exactly there.
    6. Really? If a human being would act like this we might assume that he is smart and a farmer.
    7. Let’s assume that one squirrel is more egoistic and more clever. So it would hide not more then needed for itself and remember all its hiding places. In the long run, the ‘sillier’ squirrel probably does a better job, maybe not as an idividual, but for its species.
    8. conclusion 5-7: sometimes you get what is good for you or your relatives even if you didn’t intend to.
    9. conclusion 3-4: there are probably places where automobiles replace(d) trams and vice versa. There are places where both coexist quite well, and there are places even on our planet where you would walk for dozens of miles without finding any automobile, tram or squirrel of whatever colour…