Transit Prevents the Collapse of Civilization

My piece on transit’s role in the Covid-19 crisis, and what it should teach us about what it’s role has always been, is in Citylab today.  Key idea:

The goal of transit, right now, is not competing for riders nor providing a social service.  It is helping prevent the collapse of civilization.

One Response to Transit Prevents the Collapse of Civilization

  1. El_slapper April 10, 2020 at 3:29 am #

    Excellent point about the non-binary aspect of transit dependency. I could very well go to work (outside my hometown) by car, and also take my kid to the hospital (in center town) by car. I do both by tramway.

    The added value of tramway for going to my work is small. I just don’t want to drive while still half asleep. OTOH, the added value of going to the hospital by tramway is huge : the traffic jam at appointment times in the center of such an old town are important and unpredictable. Tramway may have a 10 minutes surprise effect, car can go up to 30. Plus parking there is hell.

    I’m 80% choice transit user for my work, and 80% transit dependent for my kid’s healthcare.