UK and Ireland: Events Coming Up, Including Webinar 9 May

The tide of bus reform washing over the UK (and already much further advanced in the Irish Republic) has created an urgent need for UK decisionmakers to think about bus network design.  Many private companies that have provided much of the public transport in the UK are no longer viable in the wake of ridership drops since the pandemic, and meanwhile, major cities are demanding more control over their public transport so that they can integrate public transport with their other goals, including housing and redevelopment.

On Thursday 9 May at 3 pm London time I’ll be doing a webinar on Redesigning Bus Networks pitched to a UK audience, though of course anyone can attend.  It’s sponsored by the Bus Centre of Excellence a UK Government-funded educational institution.  We’ll be talking about how bus service redesign is an essential step in regaining government control of public transport, based on my long experience with similar reforms in Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Then, coming up in June, I’ll be touring the UK and Ireland in person.  Current plans include:

  • London, an event TBD on the evening of 5 June.
  • Cardiff, an event TBD on 6 or 7 June
  • Birmingham, an event sometime in the week of 10-14 June
  • Belfast, a definite event on 19 June at Queens University, details here.
  • Dublin, an event TBD on the evening of 20 June.

Hope to see you at the webinar on 9 May, and at one of these in-person events!

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  1. Rick R May 9, 2024 at 4:15 pm #

    If a recording was made can a link to it be posted here? It was a bit too early in the morning to watch live down here.

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