The Other Meaning of “High-Speed Internet”

DSCF2394 Sometimes, as Marshall McLuhan famously said, the medium is the message.

I thought it worth a post to say only that I’m now on a Deutsche Bahn ICE train sliding across the German countryside at around 200 km/hr while enjoying seamless internet service.  (Those trees are further away than they look, a common high-speed rail illusion.)

At EUR 8.00/hour it’s a little expensive, but most things are in version 1.0.  Like many German services, they clearly put quality before price.

One Response to The Other Meaning of “High-Speed Internet”

  1. anonymouse September 17, 2009 at 10:25 pm #

    Unfortunately, the 200 km/h trains in America do not have internet access at all, unless you bring your own.