new zealand’s san francisco

Greetings from Wellington, New Zealand, where I'm working with the regional government on some transit planning.  There are limits to how much blogging I can do while working 1.5 fulltime jobs and copyediting a book.  More soon on Wellington's remarkable downtown transit spine and pedestrian malls, but for now, well, tourist pictures basically, with some interesting stuff encoded:







Not bad for the verge of Winter Solstice!  But no, the weather's not always like this …

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  1. Janine March 6, 2012 at 6:16 pm #

    The thing is, as a frequent (2 times a day, 5 day a week user) of the current service, I’m not concerned with what you consider the greater achievements. I’m concerned that I will no longer have a usable service. I may be within a small minority of people for who the new bus service won’t work at all, but why would you consider it acceptable to remove a very workable service and replace it with nothing for anyone? (And yes, I’m sure you think what you’ve proposed is “something”, but it’s so unreasonable as to be ludicrous.) I enjoy taking the bus. I don’t want to have to take my car. But that’s what I’ll have to do if your proposal stands as is. FYI I am on the 22 route, to be replaced by the 29 route.