One of my most fun presentations ever …

… especially if you're into architecture, urbanism, philosophy, or literature.  

It's from a keynote to the Oregon Transportation Summit, sponsored by TREC at Portland State University last year.  There are a few local Portland geography references, but nothing you can't follow …  Great questions too. 

I'm introduced at 10:34 by Professor Jennifer Dill, and I start speaking at 11:35

Maybe I was so "switched on" because it was so good to be at home in Portland.  That happens when you travel as much as I do …

2 Responses to One of my most fun presentations ever …

  1. Jeff Wegerson July 26, 2015 at 9:21 am #

    Very fun view. I appreciated the integration of the overheads into the video.
    One of the things I get from your years of experience is your tried and true careful usage of language. Your almost bi-lingual skills of knowing where to use charged words such that they generate power rather than explosion comes through in this talk.
    I recently had the chance to use “freedom” and “choice” myself in the context of desires of living suburban or urban. Often my conversations with this person devolve into dysfunctional emotion. But (paraphrasing here) by explaining that the roots of my desire to not have suburban values distort urban spaces, was rooted in the preservation of choice, that likewise I would not want the loss of choice inherent in urban values forced onto suburban spaces. The conversation had begun by him decrying some aspect of urban living, probably political. I explained that one accepted it because it came with the choice of living in the city and that like many differences between the suburban and urban it was necessary in order to maintain the possibility of choice. When we force either on the other we blur the distinguishing differences. Amazingly he took it all in without comment. A sign to me that he was actually considering my words.
    The other area where I feel your influence is in my blog comments. I am now less inclined to tell the more-road-cures-congestion crowd to go back to the suburbs where they belong. 🙂

  2. Louis February 12, 2018 at 3:22 am #

    That’ very amazing and amusing view indeed. Make us reflect.