My Washington Post Piece

It’s here.  Twitter’s favorite quote from it is:

Cities have relatively little space per person. Cars are big. Big things don’t fit in little spaces.

In short, it’s all, always about geometry, which technology will never change…

To predict the future, we need to think carefully about what’s permanent and what may be fleeting. Fashions and tastes are fleeting, but geometric facts are permanent. Fifty years from now, our sense of what’s sexy or hip or green will be very different, but big things still won’t fit in small spaces.


One Response to My Washington Post Piece

  1. p March 7, 2016 at 3:43 pm #

    Had a read, clearly expressed!

    Though a link to Randal O’Toole appeared on the page, the irony!

    “Transit is dead. Let’s prepare for the next mobility revolution.”