Helsinki: A Transit Map by Jug Cerovic

A while back I did a post on the subway maps of the Paris-based Serbian designer Jug Cerovic.  His style is to look for distinguishing features in the geometry of the network structure, and highlight these to give a sense of order.

He has a new one of Helsinki …


… but the cool thing is not just the map but his explanation of his design process, which I highly recommend.


One Response to Helsinki: A Transit Map by Jug Cerovic

  1. Robert Wightman October 2, 2017 at 1:28 pm #

    Metro lines should be horizontal? Don’t you mean east west? A geographer I once read, probably on this sight, and another one who designs maps for elementary schools as rugs said maps should never be posted on walls, but lain on floors so no one would say up, down left right, vertical or horizontal and I fully agree with them.

    When my wife navigates I have to remember to turn up, down, left, right into north, south, west or east. It is really confusing when I am going south because she will say yoo need to go left which I must change into right. We did a river cruise from Amsterdam to Basel and she tells people that we went down the Rhine to Switzerland. As A physicist it annoys me. If I were a geographer I would pull out what little hair I have left.