vancouver cartographers and map geeks!

I have a fast, fun project for a cartographer or map-geek adept at making maps that are both beautiful and accurate.  The project is to help me create a map of a fictional city, for use in my transit planning short course.  The final product will be a map about 1×1.5m, showing arterials, landforms, and shadings to indicate density.  There’s lots of opportunity to interact with me in refining the ideas and helping me make choices that speed up the process while improving the product.

If interested, please hit the email button under my photo in the next column, and send me a quick note about your experience, relevant samples, and some sense of rates.  If desired, free registration for the course could be part of the package.

Tough part: Fast turnaround.  Final final needed by June 9, which means complete draft needed by June 1, which means we need to get started next week.  Probably not fulltime, but certainly some focused work. 

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  1. Morgan Wick May 14, 2011 at 3:52 pm #

    Does it have to be Vancouver-based, or could someone like me work from, say, Seattle? I sometimes draw fictional maps in my spare time (that often look a lot like Seattle), and I even have an idea for a city on which I’ve overlayed some ideas for transit (admittedly it’s a city that’s too abstract to be real, but it does have some over-engineered “natural” features)…