Portland: Speaking at Active Transportation Summit!

atsummitlogoI’ll be speaking at the Oregon Active Transportation Summit here in Portland on March 20.

Like most conferences, there’s a fee, but it’s a great lineup of speakers and activities.  Register here.

The event is led by The Street Trust, the new name for what most Portlanders know as the Bicycle Transportation Alliance.  It’s great to see this revered organization rebranding with a more multimodal focus, centered on the challenge of making streets work for everyone.


Providence: Event Coming Up!

By Erika Smith ( via Wikimedia Commons

By Erika Smith ( via Wikimedia Commons

I’ll be speaking in Providence on the morning of Friday, March 17!  It’s free, but there are only 200 spaces and about 120 are gone, so you do have to register.  Details here!

Toronto-Hamilton: See You in Burlington Monday Night!

On Monday night, November 14, urbanist luminary Brent Toderian and I will be sharing the stage as part of Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring’s “Inspire Burlington” series.  The conversation will probably focus on retrofitting transit into a car-based suburban city, but you and your questions are welcome from all over the Toronto-Hamilton region.

It’s free, but you must reserve tickets here.






Indianapolis: Let’s Talk Transit on Thursday Oct 20

The Indianapolis area votes this fall on a big measure that would create an effective citywide transit system, including a high-frequency grid covering the inner city and several Bus Rapid Transit Lines.  Read all about the plan here.

On October 20 I’ll be at an event called “Real Talk: Transit is On the Ballot”.  We’ll be doing an open house about the plan and I’ll also do a presentation about the big issues that are stake.

It’s 5:30-7 PM at Tindley Accelerated Schools, 3960 Meadows Drive.  Hope to see you there.


Have you read my book? If so I have a question …

I hope this doesn’t sound like fishing for praise, but a client has asked me to provide some pithy quotations from my book for use in advertising an event.  Rather than trying to remember or find them myself, it would be great if people who’ve read the book could share pithy quotations that they remember.  That way I don’t have to decide what was pithy, or for that matter memorable.

Leave them in the comments if you think of any!  Thanks!

Indianapolis: Next Stop: Opportunity


Over the last two years, we have been working with public agency staff, citizens, and national advocates to craft a way forward for transit in Indianapolis.  We’ve taken stakeholders and interested citizens through the difficult choices implied by the geometry of high-ridership service and the need to balance this with non-ridership goals.  We’ve briefed interested City Council members, and at the core of the project, we hammered out new network concepts with city transportation staff at the table.

c016901c-b0ea-4208-9689-b872aceff53dNow there’s a plan.  I’ll be in Indianapolis on March 16-17 to help brief key leaders about it, but I’ll also be at a terrific public breakfast event on March 17 called Next Stop Opportunity.  I love this name because, as can tell from today’s article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, I really believe that liberty and opportunity, in the urban context, are the whole point of public transit.

I’ll write more about the plan, but if you are in Indianapolis, I hope you can join us bright and early on March 17.  Learn more and register here.

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