adelaide: a frequent network diagram, but only if you’re going downtown

Monday (in Australia) I shared a new frequent network diagram for Sydney, done not by the government but by a community transport organisation.  In Adelaide, meanwhile, the governmetn released a new frequent network diagram in July.  Here it is.  (Original PDF here.)

Adelaide frequent.png

Locals are discussing it here.

Adelaide is a very centralised city, but still, it's extraordinary to notice that you literally can't go anywhere at high frequency without going through the CBD.  Only the stations of the O-Bahn, where routes converge from several directions to flow into the O-Bahn busway, is there any opportunity to make a frequent connection without going downtown. 

Adelaide readers and citizens should think about the question: Do we really want it to be impossible to get around spontaneously — i.e. without much waiting — anywhere other than to and from the CBD? Since former Portland transit general manager Fred Hansen is now in Adelaide, I hope he is pitching the virtues of grid networks — which Portland has had since 1982.  A full grid is probably not appropriate for Adelaide's geography and resources, but radial systems with grid elements — which I've been designing for years — could open up vast new all-day travel markets.